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Egadz with Tough Fuzz and Automatic Thoughts at The Know 11/20/13

Self-titled Album on Cassette and Digital

My latest release is a self-titled ‘pay whatever’ digital download and limited edition cassette with bonus tracks. Check it out HERE

AT Tapes Stack close

New Cassette with Bonus Tracks

AT Tape and stickers


ZonerCon/Valentines 8-17-13

Tape dropping SO SOON.

Tape dropping SO SOON.

Two shows in one day in Portland, OR. Stop by either or both for a good time.

ZONERCON: https://www.facebook.com/events/559501324110310/

AUSLAND SCHLAGE at Valentines: https://www.facebook.com/events/537413499645992/

Playing with lots of talented producers and DJs. too many to list. Should be fun.

Beats for Benefits at Slabtown PDX 4/16/13

‘Ewe of Now’ show at Valentines, Sunday Aug. 19th

~Playing tunes with friends at a comfy lil venue downtown~

Facebook Event

Valentines: 232 SW Ankeny, 97204 Portland, OR